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want to. move.

I want to try the following because I think I’m getting older and time is running out to really do things I want to do.  ASAP!

Cliff jump



(i honestly don’t know if there’s a difference between cliff diving and cliff jumping. It has probably got something to do with the position?)

Cliff diving is defined as the acrobatic perfection of diving into water from a high cliff. I can swim but i honestly do not know how to dive. But I still WANT–as in WANT–to try this one out. I think this is so fckng exciting. Imagine having the guts to jump off the cliff. yeah. I want to be that strong. I want to prove myself that I am.


I think it’s not as easy as I think it is but i definitely have to learn to surf. I love the beach and the people I see surf are so awesome. I’m afraid to get drowned though. Philippines has 7107 islands–magnificent ones and many of those are good surfing spots such as La Union where some of my friends live.

I was so stupid that I was not interested a bit in surfing back in college where its only a 2-hour drive from the place where i study (Baguio) to La Union. Stupid me.


Back then, all I think of was finish college, move to Manila, and work. It was only now that I am living in Manila that I realize how lucky I was to be staying in Baguio to study. Baguio days were  unforgettable–cold place, nice people, cheap cost of living, rich culture. Total opposite of what I feel here in Manila. Anyways, I have to move on.

New life means leaving all the bad memoirs, including boyfriend who left me and who lives in Baguio, behind. Leaving those behind means smiling again and living life the way I want it. And right now, i want myself to be as active as possible. I want to travel (if budget permits) and explore the beaches, drink my heart out without anyone getting mad, flirt with whom i want and just try everything I haven’t done before; hence, this blog, and this post.






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this site will be about i guess anything that comes to my mind and i feel like sharing on public. k

K.  This 2011, I have decided that I will be doing something different–perhaps something that would make me feel better and productive–since 2010 was not a good year for me despite the fact that that was the year I graduated and easily landed a job.

My first step? Practice English through this blog. Haha. I don’t have any idea what to write about, it’s just that I think expressing what I feel at the moment (even without people reading it) would be a great outlet for my always-wandering mind.

This site will be my writing 101 scratch paper and I will make it a point to update this as frequent as I can. daldalan. wtvr.

I hope I enjoy my first attempt at blogging, so help me God.😀

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